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The role of visual image in building strong brands: The effective use of images to build positive consumer perceptions of brands

Project Abstract

Within recent times, images have become increasingly important at all levels of marketing. With the focus moving away from the physical aspects and functional benefits of products to their symbolic associations. (Poiesz, 1989, Meenaghan, 1995)

The artful and strategic placement of brand symbols is a powerful way to seed the development of a brand culture. (Vincent, 2002 p.196)

Brand culture here refers to patterns of life or personal narratives (Vincent, 2002) that looks specifically at the consumer�s value base rather than demographics and other such statistics. These symbolic associations help consumers establish a perception of a brand and in so doing develop an association with and loyalty to the brand. Successful brands draw on their established or developing brand culture to stimulate these narratives and bring them to life in the consumer.(Vincent, 2002)

There are many elements that must connect in the creation of strong brands. (Meenaghan, 1995) Along with the product, its shape, performance and other functional characteristics, there is brand name, marketing communications, design, symbolism, consumer perception, packaging and positioning. (Meenaghan, 1995; Jevons, 2005; Fill, 2006)
Although these are all elements that should be present, the intention of this study is to show the importance of the visual image in the building of strong brands; therefore many of the connected elements referred to above will be disregarded and the focus will be on the creation of a �brand experience� (Gob�, 2001; Wertime, 2002; Fill, 2006)solely on the use of the visual image within marketing communications.

The elements that help determine products� symbolic associations and the creation of �brand experience� have been categorized below according to headings that identify the sections and variables that affect consumer perception in a review of the literature.

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