Tantasqua Regional School District

Project Description

This is a research project for a graduate course I am taking online at Baker College. The project requires us to create a survey and/or questionnaire and analyze the results in relation to the chosen research topic.

Project Abstract

Leadership Challenges at the Tantasqua Regional and Union 61 Schools.

This research paper addresses the challenges faced by Administration in a school district that is comprised of five small rural towns with differing demographics and goals. The system is regionalized from grades seven through twelve. Grades Kindergarten through sixth grade are part of a supervisory union. Each town is a separate school district with itsÂ’ own school committee, budget and employee contract negotiations. They share a singled superintendent of schools who is the same person that serves as superintendent for the regional school district. Administration must address the needs of each disparate town as well as the collective needs of the five towns and the regional district requirements. The superintendent of eight years recently left the district and an interim superintendent is currently in place. A new superintendent will come on board on November 1.

This paper will analyze the results of a set of questionnaires and surveys aimed at identifying the major challenges for leading a school system with such unique qualities and conflicting goals and interests of teach town. The data gathered from the survey should support the theory that it is difficult, but not impossible, to lead such and organization and provide insight into how to improve on this leadership.

Surveys released for this project:
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Senior Management Evaluation - COPIED [MNLCXWQDKQ] 7
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