University of Mauritius

Project Description

The project has for objective to provide a target audience of medical people and the public in general. The software as a result of the project will serve as a learning tool for anyone capable of using a computer such that the structure, functioning and disorders of the brain will be, hopefully understood by the user. Implementation of the project will include facilities for remote learning, class presentations and personal education.

Project Abstract

Title : 3D Visualisation Tool of the Human Brain

Bioinformatics is a field combining the disciplines of computer science and biology.
Bioinformaticians have to deal with a vast body of data that is growing rapidly all the time. Although a lot of the analysis of this data can be done with automated processes
and traditional programming techniques, many of the secrets of the genome require human intuition and exploration to reveal them.
This project is about building a tool that will help biologists, neurologists, and bioinformaticians to better discuss and interact about certain aspects of the human brain which is one most complex entity. The project aim at providing these people an appropriate interface which they can use to discuss among themselves and their patient.

Surveys released for this project:
3D model of brain Survey 31
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