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Project Description

To further define the gaming behaviour and expectations of Australians primary research (survey) will be conducted in the jurisdiction of Victoria, online as well as offline. To secure that only gamblers from Victoria are participating, little cards with serial numbers to be used online will be distributed at gaming venues.

Project Abstract

My master's thesis is a comparison between the Australian gaming market with the European. In this way Australia is trend giving. The focus is on machine gaming since this is the major aspect of gaming in Australia and has changed gaming behaviour in Australia drastically.

A general market overview and general trend information about the Australian market will be obtained. A focus is on differences towards the European market. Generally it will be answered why gambling is so successful in Australia.

At a later point of time, the player groups will be investigated for their "trendiness" and compared with similar groups in Europe.

Surveys released for this project:
Victoria Gaming Survey 2003 67
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