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Project Description

Design & Technology final year project.
EDT342. This module is designed to enable students to practice, at a professional level, as a designer in a field of their own choice and within the available resources of the University. It is concerned with the identification of a need which can be satisfied or an opportunity which can be exploited through the students application of a structured design approach. The results of satisfying this requirement will be a product or artefact and will not be solely an investigation or feasibility study.The first part of the module is concerned with the initial stages of the process and will concentrate on the identification of a need and formulation of a design brief. It will also include the initial stages of identifying factors which influence solutions through techniques such as market research, product analysis and technological research.

Project Abstract

CNC Routers are used in industry to produce accurate machining of components under computer control. Hand held routers are used by many trades and manufacturers. The size of job that a CNC machine can handle is restricted by the size of the machine bed and the physical layout of the XYZ axes. Hand held routers are not restricted in this way but require jig templates for each profile that is required and rely on the physical skill of the operator.
The product concept that I am researching is to produce a hand tool that can be "clamped" to a variety of surfaces and then programmed to produce accurate and complex shapes under its own control through the use of motors and CPU control.....
It would be a great help to me to use your software to conduct an online survey of different industry users, to ascertain the feasibility and requirements relating to this project.
Ken Smith

Surveys released for this project:
RouterCNCsurvey 12
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