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Project Description

Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor of Work and Life Outcomes

Project Abstract

In past research, emotional intelligence has been found to relate to certain work and life outcomes. The present study explores the relationship between emotional intelligence and several work and life outcomes, including well-being, job satisfaction, and job performance. This study also examines the moderating effects of years of work experience and job type on the relationships between emotional intelligence and each of the three outcomes. Moderating effects of emotional intelligence on the relationship between work-family conflict and well-being are examined. In addition, moderating effects of emotional intelligence on the relationship between work-family enrichment and well-being are examined. This study provides evidence for construct validity of two emotional intelligence measures and incremental validity evidence for emotional intelligence in predicting job performance above and beyond cognitive ability and personality. Implications for theory, application, and future research are discussed.

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Thesis Pilot 91
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