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Consumer Perceptions Towards Mobile Entertainment

Project Abstract

Mobile commerce is widely applied in the age of technological advancement today due to the widespread use of the mobile devices. Perception among the users of mobile devices towards mobile commerce and adoption of mobile commerce vary from country to country. This study concerns about the perspective and expectation of Malaysian mobile device users towards mobile commerce. The study is important for the development of the literature regarding mobile commerce in Malaysian context as well as contributing to the improvement of service for companies that adopting mobile commerce.
The study reviews the literature on consumer perception of mobile commerce with the 4 classification of concept in our proposed theoretical framework. A conceptual framework is built by linking the variables that have connection with the consumer perception of mobile commerce. The variables are perceived security and privacy, sense of �always on� and convenience, ability of mobile devices to support mobile application and familiarity of consumers. An empirical study is done on the various articles that related to this topic. 4 hypotheses generated from these relationships are to be tested with the data collection and analysis.
The nature of the study is descriptive research. Data will be collected using self-administered Internet survey. Convenience sampling method will be used for data collection. Variables are measured using the interval and ordinal scale. Descriptive analysis will be the data analysis method of this study. The characteristics of mobile users will be drawn through inferential statistics and chi-square will be used to analyse the differences of characteristics between age groups and genders.

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