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UK IT Project Success & Failure (Tentative Title)

Project Abstract


My aim is to complete a research project looking into the factors that affect IT project success within UK companies in order to provide practical advice for increasing the probability of project success that can be adopted by the project management industry.

Through primary research, develop a better understanding the factors and causes that contribute to project success and/or failure within the UK IT industry to improve the ensuring future project successes.

More specifically, this may include* the following areas:

Project Success Inference - Identifying Projects Destined to Fail
Is it possible to determine whether or not a project will fail in the early stages?
Which factors can help to determine this?
Are some factors more significant that others?

Compare the Success Rate of SMEs Vs. Large Companies
Does the size of the company affect the chance of project success?
Do different factors affect different sized companies?
Do SMEs suffer different symptoms (budget, delays, poor requirements) of failure than MNCs?
What different approaches should be taken?

Project Success in Relation to Industry, Age, Structure and Ownership
Does the industry, age, structure or ownership (i.e. US controlled but UK office)
have an affect of success rates?
Do they exhibit different causes & symptoms of failure?

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