Jagiellonian University / Uniwersytet Jagiellonski

Project Description

Who am I? Issues of identity, allegiance and belonging in the self- and social- analysis of polynationals.

Project Abstract

This essay is meant to analyse issues of identity, allegiance and belonging as pertaining to the confusing world of people with multiple nationalities (and, often, citizenships). Such issues are observed both in a polynational's own view of themselves and third parties' view of such people.

As such, the goal of the research for this project is to gather information from the aforementioned two groups: those who identify with more than one nationality and thus find themselves sometimes at a crossroads when faced with the issue of specifying their identity, and those who do not, but who, in coming in contact with such people, may have developed an opinion on their situation, be it positive or negative.

Surveys released for this project:
NationalIdentity 90
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