Project Description

�Market research as a first input for a marketing plan proposed to the Colombian National Network of Agritourism and Ecotourism Services (Agroecotur) �.

Project Abstract

The purpose of this research is to understand and identify the market and its potential for Agroecotur and its products. This is to be done by a Market Research Study that will:
1) Identify the profile of the visitors coming to �El Quind�o� and their interest in agritourism and ecotourism products (potential customers)
2) Inquire the actual customers of Agroecotur and their level of satisfaction (existing customers).

The primary data will be collected through a questionnaire survey conducted in 4 different places of �El Quindio� between December 20th and January. 20th (1 month survey). The findings of this survey will then be used to identify a main target group or groups with its definition and characteristics.

The outcomes of the research could be used by Agroecotur to evaluate their current offer according to the expectations and trends of the market, to develop marketing strategies for each segment identified and to analyze changes in the market when comparing to upcoming research that the company could undertake in the future.

Surveys released for this project:
Test Survey 23
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