Waseda University

Project Description

A study of discrete deciding factors of online shoppers when price offered by multiple shops is /(almost) the same

Project Abstract

How do shoppers weigh the deciding factors criteria when making purchase decision when price is (almost) the same?
How much should a product be cheaper for a consumer to buy from a 4 star instead of a 5 star shop?
Is the consumer willing to pay extra via credit card to avoid the hassles of bank transfer? How much?
How much extra is a shopper willing to pay to buy from a shop that they had good experience with?
How much is a shopper willing to pay to get a product one day earlier?
Price comparison sites provide shoppers with complete competitive price information. Products are often �commodity� products and price difference is often minimal. How do shoppers choose which shop to buy from? What are the non-price deciding factors? How much (in denominators of price) do non-price factors influence the decision compared to price differences?

How much extra is a shopper willing to pay to get an instant confirmation of their purchase? (effect of needs for instant gratification)
Is there any difference of the above for Japanese and non-Japanese shoppers?

Surveys released for this project:
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