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Project Description

Quality in IS Research: Theory and Validation of Constructs for Service, Information, and System

Project Abstract

IS quality is an important concept. Research to date on IS service quality has largely ignored the impacts of information quality and system quality when service is delivered through an information system (IS).
We believe deeper theoretical insights are needed to reconceptualize service quality and rationalize IS quality. After reviewing related literature, we apply marketing exchange theory as a reference frame to redefine service related terms and identify possible scenarios of delivering service through systems. Thereafter, we model IS quality in a new way, based on analysis of alternative scenarios. In validating our proposed model, we discuss our research methods and data analysis that will serve as empirical evidence. In particular, we focus on content validity, construct validity, nomological validity, and unidimensionality of the three IS quality dimensions: system quality, information quality, and service quality.
By furthering our understanding of IS quality, we hope to initiate coherent theory development toward a theory that integrates IS quality elements and helps organizations implement effective strategies for using IS to deliver service. Through the empirical validation of IS quality model, we hope to contribute an empirical assessment of content, construct, and nomological validity of the IS quality constructs, as proposed by DeLone and McLean in their 2003 updated IS success model.

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