Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Project Description

Trends in Osteopathic Dermatology: Past, Present and Future

Project Abstract

The osteopathic dermatology profession is a growing and more widely acknowledged field, with over 454 current members of the American College of Osteopathic Dermatology (AOCD), and 21 osteopathic dermatology residency programs funding 86 residents. It has been recently reported that osteopathic physicians represent only about 3% of the dermatology workforce and were more likely to work in solo practices and see more patients per week, compared to allopathic (M.D.) dermatologists. Much attention in the literature has been given to the trends in allopathic dermatology, specifically involving the declining number of residents entering the academic and research arenas. However, not much is known regarding the attitudes and trends specifically within the osteopathic dermatology community. Our objective is to examine various demographic data, training opportunities, practice goals, and educational interests amongst long-term practicing, newly practicing, and future osteopathic dermatologists (residents). This data will hopefully promote awareness and understanding of our profession within the general dermatology community, and even highlight ways to enrich the training curricula for future osteopathic dermatology residents.

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