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Project Abstract

Context of the Problem
The purpose of advertising is to inform a group of people about certain products and services. It is a type of communication that dates back to 4000 B.C. (Bhatia, 2000). The advertising industry has evolved tremendously since ancient times and is still constantly changing as technology advances. For most companies today, advertising plays a key role in the success of their company or campaign.
More specifically, the Internet and World Wide Web has opened up many opportunities for advertising. Online advertising seems to be the most apparent advancement in the industry. It has opened up many different ways of advertising such as web banners, pop-ups and email advertising. However, online advertising isn�t the only latest form of advertising.
There has also been much advancement with traditional forms of advertising which include television, radio, print, outdoor media, and other special advertising techniques. In addition, technology may even play a secondary advancement role regarding software tools to help companies efficiently track or create advertisements.
The key to a successful advertising campaign is undoubtedly the ability to hit the key audience effectively. Technology has allowed for this to become a reality.
Statement of the Problem
Technology is a primary factor of many of the innovative advertising techniques and advancements in today's world. The use of technology has allowed advertising to enter every aspect of the consumers� lives and to allow the capability to target the key audiences quickly and efficiently, thus presenting a higher probability of success for a company or campaign. In order to create and communicate a successful advertisement no matter what technique is used, it is important to understand and predict the direction of advertising.
Research Question and Subquestions
The purpose of this research is to discuss how technology allows companies or campaigns to advertise to their target audiences more effectively. To accomplish this, the following subquestions will be addressed:
A. What are the latest types of advertising today?
B. What types of hardware and software products are available to assist in an advertisement? How are they utilized?
C. What products currently assist with the organization of advertisements? How are they utilized?
D. What products are currently available to create advertisements? How are they utilized?
E. How does employing technology in advertising influence successful campaigns?
F. How does the advancement of technology affect us?
Significance of the Study
This case study is important because it evaluates the evolution of advertising using technology and describes the benefits to companies and campaigns to narrow down their target audiences.
The study will describe the new innovations of advertising and the benefits technology has in the advertising industry. This research is also of importance because it will educate the consumer of all of the current trends in advertising and inform them of where it is heading. Once the consumer understands the innovations of advertising, they will gain a better appreciation of why they�re being targeted, and how they can minimize the unwanted advertisements if possible. The consumer may also have a better grasp to be able to control what advertisements they receive so that they�re not annoying and appropriate to their interests and lifestyles.
Research Design and Methodology
The most significant source of information for this study will be individuals that have direct and long-term experience within the advertising industry. More specifically, the bulk of the survey will be taken by individuals who have experience in the technology-specific aspect of advertising. The survey will incorporate both qualitative and quantitative questions to understand the phenomena of technology in advertising but also to formulate a prediction of where it is going for the future.
In addition, documented articles and books will be used for secondary research to document the trends of the advertising industry with regards to technology.
Both the survey and documented articles will help to develop conclusions to address the purpose of this study.

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