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University knowledge commercailization

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In recent years the traditional objectives of the university have been expanded with a new objective: knowledge valorisation. While some universities are quite successful in valorisation activities, other universities struggle. The research aim is to identify the success factors that are critical to become successful in knowledge valorisation. The research question is: �which factors are critical for universities in the Netherlands to become successful in knowledge valorisation and are there differences between three continents with respect to these factors?�.
In the first stage of this research, interviews are conducted with five universities, the association of Dutch universities and the Dutch association of scientific research. The result of this first phase is a clear definition when an university is successful in knowledge valorisation and an overview of the factors that might influence this success. In the second phase the significance of these factors is investigated with a survey among 125 randomly selected universities in Europe, the USA and Australia. A regression analysis will be used to examine the relation between the critical success factors and the success of knowledge valorisation. To compare the success of university knowledge valorisation between the three continents, T-tests will be used.

Surveys released for this project:
University Technology Commercialization 40
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