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Healthy Fast Food

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Most fast food establishments� main food offerings include fried food, burgers, milk shakes and other similarly �unhealthy� foods. Many have noted that this has contributed significantly to the growing trend of health problems in the US, such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Fast food is a cheap and convenient way to eat when people do not have enough time to prepare and enjoy a home cooked or traditionally prepared restaurant meal. Although many chains have added some �healthy� items to their menus, such as salads and fruit and yogurt cups, even these items are often not that healthy, with full fat dressing, mayonnaise, full fat yogurt, full-fat cheese, bacon, etc.

In this research, we will determine if people would be interested in a truly healthy fast food restaurant, and if so, what aspects would be important to them.

1. Determine general level of interest in healthy fast food
2. Determine most desired menu items
3. Determine price potential consumers are willing to pay
4. Determine importance of additional attributes such as atmosphere, speed, location, and others as raised

Surveys released for this project:
Healthy Fast Food 56
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