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Project Description

An empirical assessment of factors affecting response rate in B2B email marketing

Project Abstract

E-mail marketing has seen an explosive rise as an acceptable form of direct marketing in business-to-business markets (MacPherson 2001). Majority of companies now use e-mail marketing as part of the marketing mix. The evidence up until now demonstrates that the most beneficial e-mail campaigns are based on a permission marketing model where the communications are anticipated, personal and relevant to the recipient (MacPherson 2001). Academic literature available has attempted to study in-depth business-to-business email marketing and factors affecting response rates, most notably (Rettie & Chittenden 2003). There is however little empirical research of how direct marketers may increase the success of business-to-business email marketing by evaluating factors which may affect response rate.

This research will evaluate factors which may affect response rate in business-to-business email marketing campaigns

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