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Seminar Paper Survey - Student Music

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In Book IV of On Christian Doctrine, St. Augustine establishes the principles of rhetoric as applied to the �treatment of the Scriptures� as bi-fold: 1) the Christian leader must understand and interpret the Scriptures; 2) the Christian leader must express that interpretation. Augustine goes on to explain the importance of the speaker�s audience in determining the form of one�s message. Such attention to audience lays the foundation for musicians within the genre of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). I am particularly interested to know whether college students (primarily freshman) are aware of the ways in which CCM seeks to gain their audience. This study seeks to discover how both artist and audience are consciously invested in the principles established by St. Augustine. It is my belief that these principles are followed, albeit unknowingly, not so much for the purpose of winning new souls so much as for that of affirming faith in those souls already won.

Surveys released for this project:
Student Responses to Christian Contemporary Music 22
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