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UBrew/ business plan compition

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This business idea will be submitted in a business plan competition. Here is the basic idea from the original e-mail i sent pitching the idea. I will use the information gathered in this survey to determine pricing, production, promotion and placement decisions.

"I was thinking of taking the idea of UBrew and making it more literal. The reason more people don't brew their own beer it because of equipment cost. I know the things we looked at today weren't that expensive but thats not the proper way to brew beer. Real equipment i expect runs closer to the $1000 price point. I was thinking of having a facility were we bring customers in and let them choose what kind of beer and what ingredients to use and name it. A real UBrew! This could be implemented in a few different ways. What we could do is have a stand alone facility were we walk the customers through the brewing process and take orders. We could also have a brew-pub like space where a larger brewing facility wouldn't fit and serve beers that were brewed by themselves. The majority of the brewing wouldn't take place there but it would be a pretty store front. I had some ideas for promos as well. Every few weeks we could have beer tasting events were customers vote one which is best. At the end of every semester (or some period of time) we could package the winners in a 6 or twelve pack and call it something like "Dean's list Spring '08" For example. We could also have some sort of profit sharing agreement to avoid trade secret issues (Think Coca-Cola meets Metacafe). This idea, if it got traction is easily duplicable anywhere people like money.
Possible problems
-Price point for final product could be high
-Unwanted inventory"

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