Carnegie Mellon University

Project Description

Survey on Student's Attitude Towards Campus wide Emails

Project Abstract


We propose to study students' perception of e-mail, with specific focus on attitudes toward email coming from different sources, and whether they are more or less likely to read an e-mail based on those factors.

Why is it interesting

The results of the study has a possibility to change the e-mail sending habits of school-wide and departmental sources by judging their effectiveness and impact on the study body.

Target population

All Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students.
According to Fall 2007 data, there are 5,758 students currently enrolled in Carnegie Mellon undergraduate programs. Since some have since graduated, this number is expected to be less.

Sampling frame

A random selection of Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students that are listed in the Carnegie Mellon C-Book with correct e-mail, telephone, or SMC address.

Surveys released for this project:
Attitudes towards Campus Wide Emails 33
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