Project Description

Exploring business models to use the internet as a medium to deliver films and the impact of illegal downloading on current distribution channels

Project Abstract

Entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry with global appeal. Many people have now got used to watching big-blockbuster movies in the comfort of their own home on their own home theatre systems. The prevalence of high-speed broadband to the average house in Australia is
such that many people without advanced technical skills, with the aid of numerous technologies, can download copyrighted movies. The usual stigma of property theft has less impact in the digital domain, and many otherwise law abiding citizens will download movies illegally.

� What business models will be suitable for delivery of films via the internet, simultaneously dealing with copyright and intellectual property concerns of the content producers, and allowing viewers to watch the content when and how they see fit?

Surveys released for this project:
ISYS2394 - Globalization and Business IT 19
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