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With the rapid growth of the Internet in the 1990�s, charitable organizations realized the power of accepting donations online. Their entry into the e-commerce market proved to be another use of e-commerce principles. Charitable sites are not exempt from marketing principles and must also present themselves as competitive organizations worthy of the donor�s dollar. The visual image presented online allows consumers to become familiar with these businesses and place value into their message and goals. High quality web design is key to promoting a site that is informative, consistent, and attractive to users.
This research project focuses on six charitable web sites relating to animal rescue. The sites were evaluated using survey in which volunteers explored a variety of design principles and provided feedback about each of the sites. Specifics such as navigation, usability, interactivity, visual consistency, and organization were included in the survey. The results from the project combined with secondary research provided a basis for a guide to criteria for web design for charitable sites. These criteria can be used to assist designers create a successful new site for nonprofit organizations.
A specific set of design criteria will provide a basis for organizations to create new graphic material while remaining faithful to their goals and communication needs. Their coherent visual presentation to users is integral to the success of the business, and will lead to a consistent public image.

Surveys released for this project:
Amy's Web Site Survey 55
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