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Project Description

Consumer Behavior and Environmental Decisions

Project Abstract

This survey project will investigate how consumers make decisions regarding environmentally responsible behavior. Specifically, it will seek to uncover how ordinary consumers determine the extent to which they will reduce waste by re-using, recycling, composting, or simply consuming less, and conserve energy and water. This study will attempt to answer the following questions: How consistent are consumers in their participation in different types of proenvironment behaviorz? If individuals act in an environmentally responsible manner in terms of one of these decisions, are they more likely to do so for all of them? If not, what causes people to engage in one behavior rather than another? Do people simply choose the actions that require the least amount of personal sacrifice, or do they choose those that they think are the most beneficial for the planet? Are their own perceptions of which behaviors are most beneficial accurate (as compared to those of environmental scientists)?

Surveys released for this project:
Thesis survey 12
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