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Project Description

This case study research on Customer Relationship Management is to obtain the MBA grade. The organisation is a leader provider of financial services that is implementing a key acount management project to improve customer satisfaction and wants to know how CRM can help.

Project Abstract

Financial institutions as one of the principal agents that influence the consumer market have to be prepared to evolve the ways to deliver its products and services. The banking industry is not exception as the products have become more customised nowadays. The fact of having a range of different products like credit cards it is not a competitive advantage anymore. The products have quite similar benefits and cost to the customers.

Organisations have to recognise that the customer is already no longer represented by traditional target groups and large populations segments that drive typical products offerings. That is the case to credit cards companies that offer specialised billing summaries or banks that offer correspondence in the customer’s preferred language to mention a few. These companies are aware of the changing behaviour of the consumer, based on patterns that they see today in their own market place as well as others. Organisations need to focus its efforts on how to get to know their customer needs better rather than product oriented.

The Credit Card Industry is driven by technological changes and more knowledgeable customers. This make imperative for organisations to consider alternative ways to develop the relationships with the customer. Industry market trends look at leading businesses that have reacted to individual consumer behaviour.

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