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Project Description

Does Emotional intelligence and Culture intelligence correlated in relation to job performance among policeman

Project Abstract

This research is a cross-cultural study that aims to investigate if there are a significant difference in the level of emotional intelligence and culture intelligence between the Chinese Police in Hong Kong and the British Police in the UK. This study will try to examine the level of emotional intelligence is related to culture intelligence and how emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence would affect the police�s job performance. The hypothesis here is that there will be a correlation between emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence, i.e. higher EI = higher CI = higher position in career development. Also, there will be significantly different when comparing the level of emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence between Hong Kong and in the UK. (It is predicted that UK�s CI and EI will be higher due to cultural differences and the opportunities in learning or experiencing situations with other ethics.) The findings of this study will be helpful for both the Hong Kong and British police�s future reference in job allocation and recruitment and selection.

Surveys released for this project:
Culture Intelligence 86
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