Institute of Design at Illinois Institute of Technology

Project Description

Try to identify an opportunity for product improvement or innovation: e.g. an existing product redesigned for a different user group, e.g. drill for women; a mature product redesigned to meet new usage requirements (e.g. binder); an appliance for single person households (e.g. cool storage or washing machine)

-Create research plan with all components:
-Define research objectives
-Select methods/techniques/approaches
-Identify target group/sample
-Outline project plan/timeline for first phase
Research planning, fieldwork planning, recruiting,
fieldwork, analysis, synthesis and final

Project Abstract

My research is on the current design of the blow dryer. I will be conductiong internet surveys of users of blow dryers to gain insite. Your tools for analyzing the data would be very useful.

Our school uses an Intratnet to upload our assignments to. There is really no where that I would be allowed to place a link. I will however document that I used QuestionPro. In addition, I will be informing the rest of my classmates and professors about your great services. I am also very willing to have my final findings published on your site. Please consider me for the free academic research upgrade. Thank you.

Surveys released for this project:
Hair Dryer Prototype Survey 22
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