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Project Description

Meat/ Food Processing in Nova Scotia: Development of a New Training and Inspection Approach within the Current Regulatory Structure

Project Abstract

The components of this project are two-fold. Internal training modules for food safety specialists (FSS) and primary product inspectors (PPI) will be developed and delivered via course sessions to provide a knowledge foundation in which to carry out inspections.

Development of a provincial Meat/ Food Processing Inspection Guideline to address food safety issues in the meat/ food processing sector will be the second component of the project. Some of the topics covered in the guideline will be prescriptive, depending on how common the process is. Some components in the guideline will be less prescriptive to allow for novel processing practices that may be encountered in the future, and instead focus on outcome-based expectations.

The new knowledge base staff will gain through this training will be vital to proceed to the next stage of the project - the application of the guideline in the existing meat/ food processing facilities licensed/ permitted under the jurisdiction of NS Department of Agriculture, as well as newly proposed facilities seeking a license/ permit.

The provincial meat/ food processing industry will be made aware of both the training of staff members as well as the consultative approach that will be taken in the application of some of the new guidelines. It will be stressed with industry that food safety issues posing immediate health risk, identified using the new guidelines, will be addressed by inspectors through application of the regulatory enforcement framework which they are familiar with, as existing facilities already undergo required inspection services under this framework.

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