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Employee Motivation: The Growth-As-A-Percent Incentive Program

Project Abstract

There are many different types of employees. Some bring in more money because they are more experienced while others can accomplish company goals simply because they are more confident in their ability to sell. Additionally, differences in revenues gains can come solely from the products and services that different members of an organization sell. With all these variables, a clear problem results: jealously and hostility between employees over their ability to sell different products and services.
The Growth-As-A-Percentage model is a possible answer to this problem. The model is based on an individual´┐Żs ability to achieve beyond their average means. This incentive program rewards employees who are able to achieve a certain percentage growth in their incentive period revenue from their previous six week average. Employees are rewarded at various levels. Those achieving a higher percentage growth are better rewarded. Furthermore, this model also involves the idea of consistency. If employees can achieve a certain percentage growth in multiple periods, then they should be rewarded for their ability to bring in money consistently over those two periods.
Clearly, this model does not focus on actual numbers of revenue earned in each period. Instead, it takes the stance of looking at averages and growth to better gauge how employees are performing over long periods of time. If employees are able to increase their average revenue earned, then they should be rewarded for that ability to bring more money into a company.
In performing this study, I will examine the performance of 500 employees of the call center at Interval International, a timeshare exchange company based out of Miami, Florida. Not only will I examine past sales data, but I will also survey the employees on how they feel about their jobs to make further recommendations on programs, benefits, and incentives.

Note: Results of this analysis will be used as part of my thesis in Management Science.

Surveys released for this project:
Interval International - Employee Survey 93
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