College of St. Scholastica

Project Description

Is there a Correlation between the Affects of Optimism on Stress and Eating Habits?

Project Abstract

The purpose of the proposed research is to look for a relationship between optimism, perceived stress, and fat nutrient intake. The potential implications are valuable to public health, as optimism may affect the amount of fat consumed in one�s diet. Participants will students from the College of St. Scholastica, randomly selected from the Registrar�s Office. One hundred twenty students will be invited to complete the computerized questionnaire, informed of possible extra credit for participation, in hopes of receiving one-fifth successful completion rates. The computerized questionnaire will be sent through school emails and will include three scales: the Hope Scale, Perceived Stress Scale, and Fat Intake Questionnaire. Three weeks will be available for participants to complete the questionnaire. Analysis of demographics and data will be computed. Regression is the ideal technique for the hypothesized linear relationship.

Surveys released for this project:
Empirical Study 81
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