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Project Description

Is the Internet an Effective Tool for the Evangelization of Postmodern Seekers?

Project Abstract

The purpose of this research is to determine whether the Internet is an effective tool for reaching postmodern seekers of faith. The research conducted will also attempt to find the correlation between the use of the Internet for evangelization purposes and the Internet usage patterns of postmodern society. This research is critical to faith-based organizations facing a general reduction in funding due to a weakened economy and diminishing support base (congregants). In addition to the aforementioned goals, it is the intent of this research to determine the profile of a postmodern seeker of faith. Once the target audience is identified, it will be possible to correlate their beliefs (both religious and philosophical) with Internet usage, and predict the effectiveness of Internet-based evangelization efforts.

Surveys released for this project:
Internet Evangelization 23
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