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Project Description

Sabbatical Project: Student Attitudes About Non-Native Speaker Language Teachers

Project Abstract

I plan to administer a survey to Brazilian students learning English from Brazilians, hence non-native English speakers, and see what issues exist. Upon my return, I will conduct the same research with my students at PCC. This is of particular relevance because P.C.C.�s Languages Division has a number of foreign language and ESL instructors who are non-native speakers of the languages they teach. The ESL students in particular can be somewhat resistant to the idea of learning English from someone who was not born and raised in an English-speaking environment. Their attitude is often that they could have studied with non-native speakers in their own countries; they are in the United States to learn English from native speakers. My research would examine the attitudes toward and perceived bias against the ESL and, to a lesser degree, foreign language teachers and compare it to information collected in Brazil.

Furthermore, I plan to see interview my Brazilian counterparts to see how they deal with questions regarding culture, history, or other topics for which they might not have all the immediate answers. The issue of the non-native language teacher is significant enough that the professional organizations for ESL/EFL teachers, TES0L and CATES0L, have interest sections devoted specifically to the topic. I would like to take the next step and consider the issue from the perspective of the non-native foreign language teacher.

Surveys released for this project:
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