University of Illinois at Chicago

Project Description

Consumer-Company Identity Orientation Congruence Glues and Stressors

Project Abstract

This dissertation highlights the influence and strength of
consumer-company identity congruence in consumers' behaviors towards organizations. Specifically, utilizing the identity orientation framework (e.g., Brickson, 2007) this project first investigates the congruence between perceived company identity and consumer identity and whether such congruency leads to identification with a company. Next, it tests the prediction that distinct forms of identity congruence are associated with different types of relationship "glue"
composed of different psychological contracts. Based on the specific make up of such contracts these different glues are vulnerable to distinct threats. This research employs a well-established typology of consumer responses, specifically Hirschman's (1970) framework of exit, voice, and loyalty, to examine the consequences of threats such
as price change, customer service, and cause fulfillment.

Surveys released for this project:
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