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Project Description

Methodological issues for the measurement of Utility in Pain states: Qualitative surveys and pilot

Project Abstract

Pain has overarching consequences on people�s life. It impacts bodily functions and needs (e.g. sleep), family and social life in addition to its �intrinsic� effect. Pain has a large incidence. The purpose of this research is to contribute to the body of evidence allowing evidence-based funding of interventions to relieve pain.

Measurement aspects for utility have been explored in order to recommend the most appropriate methods to use in testing the theoretical aspects: Time-trade-off (TTO) and Willingness to pay (WTP) were identified as being sound from a theoretical point of view but need to be operationalised before starting a large survey.
Testing different way of operationalise measurement methods is one the objectives of the qualitative research.

Surveys released for this project:
Pilot_General 124
Pilot_FollowUp _Athletes 30
Pilot_General_version1 109
Pilot_Baseline _Athletes 142
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