Imperial College, London

Project Description

Surgical Mentors

Project Abstract

1. Research questions or hypotheses or statement of intent:

Who is best placed to mentor clinical medical students?

How do medical students learn from mentors?

2. Please write up to 150 words describing what you would like to do.

Mixed methodology

Part 1:

Design questionnaire to evaluate what qualities third year medical students think are important in a mentor. Rate consultants and junior doctors on these qualities.

Alternatively validate the questionnaire used in Nguyen study for use with third year London medical students.

Part 2:

Questionnaire to Imperial College third year medical students just after completing their surgery attachment regarding their interest in a surgical career and their ability to identify a surgical mentor during their placement. The survey will make comparison between consultants and junior doctors as potential mentors for third year students.

Part 3:

Semi-structured interviews with third year medical students exploring in depth what makes a good mentor and how they perceive that learning from role-models and mentors occurs.

Surveys released for this project:
Surgical Mentors 6
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