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Accurately managing work is essential to the success of any business. Administration of paper timesheets and filling in manual excel timesheet templates can be time consuming and cumbersome. The timesheet management system provides the support for accurate decision making, labour activities and timely information with reports.

The purpose of developing Timesheet Management System is to improve employee productivity and using progress information and historical data to create accurate project plans, estimates and budgets, which could help in making more profits for organization.

In this project, there are three modules to develop the system. They are Administrator, Project manager, Employee. Every module has its own accessing levels. This project timesheet includes project specific activities. Administrator can create new project & can supervise the work on timesheet done by the employees. Project manager can assign and alter the role of employees. Employees can enter multiple timesheets for different projects assigned to them.

The first objective of this proposal illustrates about the research regarding the development of an effective Timesheet management system and the second objective tells about how the application can be developed.

In this dissertation, to develop an efficient the Timesheet management system, I am going to follow System Development strategy which is one of the standard approaches undertaken by the organizations to develop a project. Oracle will be the backend and JSP would be front end in the application. Also the Tomcat development tool is used for programming in Java (JSP).

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