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Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Self-regulated Learning: Students' Engagement in Self-reflection

Project Abstract

The intention of current study was derived from common knowledge and belief shared among Christianity that one�s development of spirituality was an essential element of one�s integrated growth as a whole being including physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects. Even though not many studies had taken empirical but theoretical approaches to the influence of spirituality on people in the past, there have been recently an increasing number of empirical researches conducted to attempt to identify so-called folk wisdom among Christianity that one�s development of spirituality had positive influence on human development as a whole being. To take an empirical approach to the field that had been neglected by many scientific scholars in the past, recent scholars have been directed to research on the influence of spirituality on specific dimensions of human development instead of comprehensive aspects of human development. Likewise, the current study looked into the role of spirituality in students� self-regulated learning by referring to peer reviews regarding spiritual intelligence and holistic learning approach that was aimed to promote integrated human development in terms of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains in relation with spiritual dimension. Furthermore, the current study attempted to take an empirical approach to identify the relationship between spiritual intelligence and students� engagement in self-reflection in learning.

Surveys released for this project:
Relationship Between Spiritual Intelligence and Se 66
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