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Project Description

Use and knowledge of Value Management in Public Sector Projects in Ireland

Project Abstract

This thesis is written in a context of high profile project overruns and increased public scrutiny during a time of internal and external economic pressures. It is proposed that there is a low level of use of Value Management (VM) techniques in Irish public sector projects and that there are a number of factors affecting (preventing) expansive use in public sector projects. The author seeks to identify an indicative level of use of VM techniques in Irish public sector projects. This shall be achieved by means of a questionnaire survey. This survey will also test the level of knowledge/understanding of VM of the respondents. This research is based on the research of Patrick Fong: ´┐ŻOrganisational knowledge and responses of public sector clients towards value management´┐Ż (Fong, 1999).

Factors affecting the use and furtherance of VM will be studied by use of both the literary review and interviews with VM practitioners.

Surveys released for this project:
Value Management in Irish Public Sector 33
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