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Green IT: Is Maltese Industry Aware?

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In every part of the world, every country, every government and in every street (and Malta is no exception) everyone knows that environmental sustainability and climate change represent a potential threat to humanity.

Yet one can argue what has the IT industry to do with climate change? In reality a lot, with its high demand on the electrical grid, especially in data centers, IT risks to be marked as one of the key players causing climate change.

The correlation between IT and environment sustainability is relatively a new subject. Environmental responsibility is still on the verge of being considered as an important topic for corporate IT organizations and their technology suppliers. As Mines and Davis (2007) states �Corporate IT will go green in the coming years, driven by a combination of cost efficiency, regulatory compliance, and corporate responsibility motivations.�

The strategic location and size of Malta being exactly located in the middle of the Mediterranean therefore close the African continent but at the same time a full member of the European Union makes it the ideal place for technological investors.
Since the last legislation, where for the first time Malta had a dedicated IT Ministry, there is a tremendous drive to make Malta one of the top 10 information societies in the world. (MICT, 2008)

Yet it can be argued that in such a small country the economy is driven by its government, and the industry usually resembles what the government does. Now considering the fact that in the published strategy document there is no or at least little correlation between ICT and its effect on the environment one can argue that the Maltese are not yet aware of the impact that ICT can have on climate change.
Therefore the scope of this research is to assess if the Maltese Industry is aware of the role IT has on Climate change and to identify if something is already being done; possibly soliciting awareness.

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Green IT: Is the Maltese Industry Aware? 64
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