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Social Security Disability Insurance how will it survive

Project Abstract

This research will attempt to identify the underlying problems with the current system and provide solutions to the issues of maintainability beyond the year 2041 which is considered the date the funding will run out. Also I will identify how the aging of the US population increasingly impacts the Social Security Disability Insurance Entitlements Program.
� What are the current costs of the programs and how can these costs is expected to rise in the next 10 years?
� How are the current programs funded? How will they be funded differently in the future to meet the growing demand?
� How much paid into the programs really goes to providing services?
� Will there be a time when we run out of money for the program if nothing changes?
� What services are currently provided, which should and should not be provided?
� Where are the inefficiencies of the program and how can they be corrected?
� Should the programs be privatized to better manage the costs?

A Survey will be conducted across a large demographic to determine what is known about the program, and do those allready receiving SSDI and those citizens currently paying into the program expect and are willing to pay for and what are they willing to cut?

Surveys released for this project:
Social Security Research Questionnaire 42
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