Simon Fraser University

Project Description

the student survey is to see how much use they have made of the website

I will publicize the use of question pro by sending a link in an email to all of my mentor group and also publicize it in my final "oral presentation". this program is a graduate program for school teachers who are not pursuing a Masters degree but a "+15" credit certificate. It is focussed on the use of information technology and I have orally recommended this site to everyone who is trying to generate original research.

Project Abstract

Field Study Proposal: Intent
Greg Dennett

Topic of Inquiry

Designing and Evaluating Websites for Secondary
Theatre Programs

Questions that will guide this inquiry

What is the state of Theatre Program Websites ?
What tasks can a Website accomplish?
How do other teachers: produce sites?
Maintain sites?
Perceive the purpose of their site?
Perceive the efficacy of the site?
How well do my students use the site?
Do their parents use the website?
Are School websites used for commercial purposes?
How much time and effort will it take to maintain a website?
Is it worth it?

Surveys released for this project:
Drama Productions and Computers 60
Secondary Theatre websites 28
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