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The determinants of Employees' Transfer Performance in E-learning at Workplace

Project Abstract

The development of information technologies has contributed to the growth in online training as an important education method in workplace settings. Over the past few years, the number of e-learning programs implemented in corporate settings has increased dramatically and e-learning has become a major form of training and development within organizations. Despite the vast effort and resources invested in and the high expectations of e-learning in organizations, there is lack of evidence to support organizations� assumption that e-learning is effective. Accordingly, this proposed study intends to investigate the effect of factors associated with e-learning on transfer of training in e-learning settings. The objectives of this proposed study are: (1) to investigate the extent of e-learning implementation in Malaysia; (2) to examine the relationship between learners� characteristics and employees� transfer performance in e-learning; (3) to examine the relationship between e-learning program design and employees� transfer performance in e-learning; and (4) to examine the relationship between work environment and employees� transfer performance in e-learning. The target population of this proposed study is employees from MSC status companies who have taken e-learning courses. The sample size of this proposed study is 400 employees from Internet Based Business sector, Software Development sector, and Hardware Design sector. Primary data from questionnaires will be the major source of data collection. Delivery and collection questionnaire and online questionnaire will be adopted in this proposed study as to collect data from employees who have taken e-learning program. Descriptive analysis will be used to summarize all the data collected such as gender and age of respondents. Next, Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) is used because all our variables are parametric.

Surveys released for this project:
Online questionnaire on Employees' transfer perfor 36
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