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Mentoring As a Successful Practice Tool for Information Systems Project Management

Project Abstract

Generally, the incidence of successful information systems projects is very low. It is a well documented phenomenon. And, is considered a critical IS workforce issue. There is a serious lack of project management skills. Many literature indicate that IS projects were faced with soft skill related issues such as that of; organizational, management and communication. In this respect, IS project management is a major and critical organizational challenge. The aim of the PhD research is to further understand the effectiveness of IS project management practice through an in-depth examination of the adoption and application of a formal project management mentoring process vis-�-vis the IS project manager�s experience and perspective. In reality, there is a paucity of research conducted in this area. This research is to generate a better understanding of and contribution towards IS project success. The mentoring process enhances success. Mentoring has been significant. It has positive effects and value in the business environment. Mentoring is often initiated through anecdotal evidence and common sense.

Information systems is capital investment. And, as an instrument of economic and social change, it has profoundly altered the conduct of businesses and organisations. With a more thorough understanding of the events within the practice and adoption of IS project management mentoring, it may result in a contribution to the IS project management bodies of knowledge. And also, beneficial to career advancement of IS professionals and professionalism of IS project managers. A formal recognition of IS project mentors may not be excluded as a secondary benefit of the outcome of this research.

As for the next phase of this PhD research, a survey will be conducted on the adoption and practice of IS project management mentoring in Malaysia. This survey will provide the essential contextual information to the principal objective of this research. Thereafter, an in-depth interview using the narrative inquiry research technique will be conducted to explore and document the experiences of selected IS project managers.

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