Project Description

Exploring lecturers' Acceptance of Online Lecturing Systems

Project Abstract

This study proposes examining the factors surrounding lecturer�s acceptance of online media for e-learning purposes. This proposal aims to develop and test a model that is context-specific to lecturers at UNSW. Building on Davis�s (1989) TAM model, motivational model and Daft and Lengel�s (1986) media richness theory, this study will provide empirical evidence for the effects of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, perceived enjoyment, subjective norms, self efficacy, organisational support, teaching styles and stress on the lecturers� choice to adopt usage of online medium (UNSWTV, Lectopia, iTunes U and YouTube) for lecturing. This research will help contribute to the body of knowledge in online lecturing and can also be used by Educational institutions to help better promote usage of online lecturing mediums by addressing those factors which the lecturers viewed negatively.

Surveys released for this project:
Online lecturing 121
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