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Thesis on Adequacy of BAH for Government Housing in the U.S. Army.

Project Abstract

The purpose of this paper is to determine the perceptions of soldiers and their family members
assigned to Fort Lee, Virginia on the adequacy of housing they reside in.

The Army compensates itÂ’s members with payment of BAH to live in off-post housing, when and if the government housing is not available. There has been much debate over this allowance in the past several years.

This paper analyses the initial perceptions of soldier members assigned to Fort Lee, Virginia to ascertain the equity adequacy of the housing which is provided by the Army. Considered the following categories between living on post government housing, between the officer and enlisted ranks, and finally between soldiers with and without dependents.

The author uses a descriptive survey of Army personnel assigned to Fort Lee, Virginia. This survey data is used to identify the opinions on the adequacy.

This paper concludes that soldiers and their family members assigned to Fort Lee, Virginia, agree the housing is/is not adequate based on the size of the family, and is maintained to standards. But believe that BAH are unfair in comparison to living in-on post government housing.

Primary data for this research was obtained from a study conducted by the RAND Corporation in its analysis of rethinking strategic responsiveness and assessing deployment options. Secondary data in the form of Development Strategy and Logistics Policy conducted by Logistics Executive Development Course research students was used to support this research.

Surveys released for this project:
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