Boston College

Project Description

I am writing on behalf of my MBA team at Boston College. We are first year MBA students at the Carroll School
of Management at Boston College charged with the
task of doing research into the cross-border trading industry. At the end of this semester my group will present our paper on the cross-border trading industry and its future prospects to a panel of instructors and will receive a grade based on the quality of our information and the soundness of our presentation.

So far we have found some information about this industry, but most of what is available on the Internet is outdated or is too superficial. As a result, we decided to conduct primary researh and send out a survery to target broker-dealers to get an indication of the interest in this kind of capability.

It would be incredibly beneficial if we could rely on you to obtain use of your survey capabilities in order to perform this task.

Project Abstract

Surveys released for this project:
Cross-Border Trading - Non Tradeware Customers 22
Cross-Border Trading 25
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