University of Texas at Austin

Project Description

We are creating a full advertising and public relations campaign for the USA Today Collegiate Readership Program. This is a competitive class assignment for which we are graded, but not getting paid for. An important part of our project is conducting preliminary research so we can set reasonable objectives and have a more effective campaign. The survey would be sent to UT students to evaluate their current newspaper readership habits and interest in free national and local papers being delivered to their residence halls and around campus. We would be using the surveys as soon as possible because the research is the first step giving direction to the rest of the campaign. The ideas we come up with will be presented to the client (in a book, for which your site will be credited, and in a presentation) and could end up being used by their national office to promote the service they provide to new campuses around the country.

Project Abstract

Surveys released for this project:
Collegiate Readership 6
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