Southeastern Regional Voc. Tech. School

Project Description

We would like to collect data as part of our literacy initiative. The data would be used to determine if our professional development to increase the use of reading strategies has been successful. Our school has had some problems with reading scores. We serve a racially diverse predominantly low-income population.

Project Abstract

Draft of Action Plan for Literacy

Goals for 2003-2004:
1. Reading across the curriculum, especially related teachers
2. Developing comfort with reading strategies
3. Developing consistent tools across the curriculum to reduce confusion.
4. How measured? On-line questionnaire based on Levels of Use administered every other month: November, January, March and May
5. How implemented? Second week of cluster meetings will focus on presenting new strategies and checking in on old ones
6. Who will do it? Literacy team members—all who have taken professional development in Literacy
7. Reinforcing SSR

Focus Areas for Professional Development
1. Pre-Reading
q Word Splash
q Anticipation Guides
q Look at the pictures and predict
q Look at the headings and predict
q Word Sorts
q Vocabulary Across the curriculum
2. Reading
q Making connections
q Get the main idea
q Reciprocal Reading
q Read Aloud
q Think Aloud
q Notebooks for Reading Process (metacognition)
q Using Links to support literacy
3. Post-reading
q Different kinds of assessments
q Techniques for summarizing
q Different kinds of review
4. Using the Newspaper in classes
5. Using technology to support literacy

Expanding SSR
q Incentives for Reading?
q Involving parents in SSR: bring in books: Stephen King, Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, cars, food, and cosmetology: all shop related, all career related. Invite them to model SSR.
q Contact newspapers for review copies
q Book Clubs? Inside the classroom, outside the classroom

Surveys released for this project:
Literacy 17
Course Evaluation and Improvement - COPIED [WKFDN 17
Course Evaluation and Improvement - COPIED [WUFEE 17
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