St. Mary's College of California

Project Description

The project orientation is that of a software design and implementation that will automate a currently manual process that is cumbersome at best. The title of the project is, "The Improvement of Multiple Cancellation Workflow Processes for Diverse Departments, Within a Small Auto Insurance Company, Through the Introduction of an Automated Process."

Project Abstract

As an automobile insurance company in the state of California, there are regulations and laws with which a business must comply. One such regulation is that if an insurer cancels an insured for cause (such as invalid driver’s license or undisclosed driving violations) then a minimum of 30 days advance notification of intent to cancel must be sent to the insured party otherwise the cancellation notice is invalid (California Insurance Regulations section T.10 s 2632.19). The project company calls these types of cancellations future cancellations. Using the project company’s current policy processing system, in order to send a future cancellation, the policy must be physically cancelled within the computer system. Physically canceling the policy causes multiple problems with which employees, agents, and insureds must contend. If the company subsequently receives the necessary documentation to reinstate the policy, the reinstatement cannot be processed within the system prior to the business day following the effective date of said cancellation without causing irreparable harm to the policy. The current process results in many interrelated problems and therefore has become the subject of this project.

Surveys released for this project:
Future Cancellation Process 35
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