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Project Description

I am doing a market analysis and assessment of the night vision product category and would like to complete a conjoint analysis to assess consumer preferences and tradeoffs of current products on the market.

Project Abstract

I am performing a market analysis to explore business expansion opportunities, specifically in the night vision scopes/goggles market. I need to further understand this product category, identify the target consumer, develop recommendations as to how to approach an entry into this specific market and, finally, develop and implement a marketing strategy.

The aim is to incorporate the following key tasks:

•Complete a market analysis for night vision scopes/goggles
•Undertake a market assessment to identify the various customer segments, the needs of the consumer, the drivers of purchase
•Determine where and how the product should be sold
•Develop and implement specific strategies for how the product should be marketed to the consumer. For example: Product Development Plan, Positioning, Branding, Product Roll-out Plan, and initial advertising creative (print/brochures/sell-sheets/POP, etc.)

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