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Information system security has received increasing attention since the events of September 11th, 2001. The warnings of cyber terrorism and cyber attacks have created new causes for concern, beyond those already associated with computer viruses and denial of services attacks. In response to these warnings, both the public and private sectors have increased their expenditures on information security systems and services in spite of the current economic conditions. Unfortunately, the increased spending on information security systems and services is not expected to have much effect on the purported weakest link in the information systems security, the end-user.

To earn my joint degree as a Master of Science in Information Systems/Master of Business Administration at Hawaii Pacific University, I am conducting a study to increase the understanding about the factors that influence an information systems end-user�s acceptance of and compliance with the established information systems security policies, guidelines, and practices. If approved for the Free Academic Research Upgrade, your services will be used to gather respondent perceptions of the understanding, usefulness, and ease of use of their organization�s information systems security policies, guidelines, and practices for subsequent analysis.

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